Speaker for Youth & Educational Organisations

Overcoming Adversity, resilience, coping skills and wellbeing are key issues for today's youth. These topics and many more are covered through my personal story and adventures with life's challenges.

It is not just my story that is important though, it is the lessons and insights I’ve uncovered that can help others through their challenges in life.

Because of these challenges I understand resilience and developed the coping skills that are essential, but often lacking, in today's young people.

I now see life's difficulties as a catalyst to unearthing character. Instead of being depressed when things don't go my way, I show gratitude, as every difficulty has growth hidden within it.

These lessons are unearthed by the telling of my story. By bringing the audience on an emotional journey, as I believe information without emotion can not be retained. Therefore I openly share the pain and emotional turmoil I experienced on my journey to health and wellbeing. This helps others uncover theirs.

I discuss this life path with humor, articulation and total honesty. I revel in questions and answer sessions and enjoy interacting with everyone at the event.

darren cawley mayo

Experience and Learning

-  Degree in Sports & Fitness Studies (University of Bedfordshire, UK)
-  Masters in Health Promotion (NUI Galway, Ireland)
-  Several years as a substitute teacher. Both primary and secondary schools
-  Speaker at the EU Parliament. Both Brussels and Strasbourg.
-  Guest lecturer in University college Dublin
-  Previous speaker for Foroige, Comhairle na nOg and hundreds of schools and events
-  Two transplants and over 1,800 hospital sessions provides real life stories of adversity, and growth

Topics and insights

-  Wellbeing and its importance
-  Genuine, real life stories of adversity and how I overcome them
-  The importance of Role Models to young people
-  How the challenges, pace and difficulties of the modern world can be looked at differently
-  Why it's more important to “create” a better version of yourself than “change” who you are.
-  Transformative power of changing perspectives
-  Personal leadership through personal responsibility
-  The importance of sport and exercise to your health and life
-  A warm, engaging style helping to connect with young people easily

Through my knowledge, real life experience and over 15 years developing speaking skills specifically in school and college settings, I know I can have a positive and impactful effect on the young people you work with.

If you need a speaker on the important topics pertaining to youth and trusted to perform at the EU parliament, conferences and events across Ireland and Europe, get in touch today.


Your story ... really resonated with me.

I was one of the students in the master’s class in UCD you spoke to yesterday.

I felt compelled to write an email to acknowledge how interesting it was hearing your remarkable story. We have had many guest lecturers this year, speaking to us on how their disability impacts on the quality of their lives. Your story was so humbly and humorously told, and it really resonated with me.

I just wanted to let you and Suzanne the course co-coordinator, know how excellent I found your talk to be.

Elisa O'Donovan

..you connected so well with the students

The client was delighted with your presentation and how you connected so well with the students- they are all really happy! It was one of their best ever days.

Mary Menton , London Speakers Bureau Ireland

Darren Cawley is one of Ireland’s most talented professional speakers

Darren Cawley is one of Ireland’s most talented professional speakers, and it’s clear that he draws his motivation from an inner strength that money can’t buy. His real life examples were captivating, showing how ordinary people were out there accomplishing extraordinary things. This is a timeless message, suitable for all audiences, and it is presented masterfully by Darren Cawley. Our attendees were positively moved by this presentation.

Joanne Maloney , Let’s Work West EXPO

..a great appreciation of what life is about.

Great to hear of your recovery and it shows how focusing on achievements gets results. You are a WARRIOR and blessed with a positive attitude and a great appreciation of what life is about.

Bill Cullen , Irish Entrepreneur

You were just WOW!

"Darren thank you so much for this evening. You were just WOW! I have no doubt that you have certainly fulfilled one important principle and made an incredible difference to the lives of those gathered. Thank you so much for a truly inspirational presentation."

Trish , DYC Event (Diocesan Youth Council). Ballintubber Abbey

Did you know...

I also run a private support group for people suffering kidney disease. Through this group you will have access to myself, and people with similar health issues. This group works as a supportive environment to promote tips, tactics and information to aid in improving your health and quality of life.