The Secret – “…get that BUT out of your mouth.”

By Darren Cawley | Mindset

Nov 18

Negative person- "YES it's possible, But, but, but,"
Positive Person- "Stop! Get your BUT out of your mouth and get on with doing it"

At a talk with Dr Michael Beckwich (one of the authors of the book  "The Secret") he was discussing his positive message for us, and the world.

He was discussing how fear overcomes us and although we know something to be possible our fear based Belief Systems (or B.S. as he called it) takes over and limits us.

When he said, in his powerful US accent, "...get your BUT outta your mouth" everyone had a good laugh. One of the many memorable moments in his talk.

We need to be open to learning something from everyone we meet. However it's unfortunate that when you tell people your thoughts and dreams more often than not they reply with "...ya go for it, BUT...". 

We have to learn to make up our own minds.

We need to follow our own dreams, goals and ambitions. When talking with others certainly learn from them in any way you can. 

Often of course this can mean learning to ignore!

Many will blunt the enthusiasm of your dreams by inserting that dreadful word BUT.

In this case tell them to get that BUT outta their mouth because you need solutions not BUTS! 

Remember, if you're not on the edge then you're taking up too much room.


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Darren is an inspirational speaker offering real life advice and guidance. He has a Degree in Sports and an MA in Health Promotion. Couple this with 1,800 hospital sessions and 2 transplants, due to Kidney disease, and you see his impact as a speaker and educator. Darren's skill is in improving the lives of those who suffer adversity and creating positive change within the healthcare industry.

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