“You can’t produce a baby in a month, by getting nine women pregnant!”


By Darren Cawley | Mindset

Nov 18

Remember, you will die. (Memento mori)

Why is everyone in such a hurry, always trying to do things quicker, faster more hurriedly.

Most people appear to be in a rush so that they can get home to relax.

Relaxation is a state of being. You can get from A to B quickly and be either in a relaxed or stressed state.

Once again it's the people with no real serious issues in their life that are in such a rush to get somewhere, finish something or achieve something.

Once they achieve the current goal it's off on the next 'urgent' task.

We must learn from either very successful people, older people or those whose life has been touched by serious adversity. Their message is generally the same; slow down and smell the roses or for example when you are in a room, be in the room. People understand that time is finite, just like our bodies.

We must realise that what's important is not lifespan but health-span.

Being over focused on material achievements such as money, property, titles etc. will not sustain you throughout your entire life. Take time out for people (real people, not those through a computer screen).

The old saying of "...you will never see a trailer on a hearse" is apt, however what you do see behind a hearse are the friends and family who's life you've positively influenced by giving your time, energy and attention to, throughout your life.

Remember, you will die. (Memento mori)


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Darren is an inspirational speaker offering real life advice and guidance. He has a Degree in Sports and an MA in Health Promotion. Couple this with 1,800 hospital sessions and 2 transplants, due to Kidney disease, and you see his impact as a speaker and educator. Darren's skill is in improving the lives of those who suffer adversity and creating positive change within the healthcare industry.

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