November 18


Remember, the cigarette smokes, you suck!

You don't smoke a cigarette. The cigarette smokes, you suck!

You guessed it, I'm not a smoking fan.

Yes, some find it cool, hip, grown up looking but unless you've been smoking for years, addicted and can't help it, it's just plain stupid!

No intelligent person should smoke.

If Sir Walter Raleigh arrived back from the new world today and started peddling this new weed he'd be told to get back on his bike, leave the potatoes, and peddle tobacco somewhere else.

Ingesting tar and numerous (and I mean numerous) other chemicals into your lungs just doesn't sound right.

If you ever see a lung removed, after death preferably, from a long term smoker, you'll see it doesn't LOOK either cool or hip! Not pretty, pink soft tissue but black and oozing with this disgusting dirty tar like substance. 

It is a hard message to fight, cigarette companies make millions, governments make millions, pharmaceutical and medical companies make millions keeping smokers alive that bit longer etc, etc.

So many  people make money off this little drug while ordinary smokers die slow, painful, usually cancerous deaths.

The answer- Start young, stopping the young. Governments are trying, but how hard really...

Remember, the cigarette smoke's, you suck!


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