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Our Heath is Your Success. What the Health Industry Can Learn From the Patient

There are hundreds of Med-Tech, Pharmaceutical and Health Industry Events happening every year. They offer a great opportunity; to see what’s new, to network, to do deals and to share ideas. 

In relation to the What, Where, When and How of the health industry, everything is covered.

What is usually lacking from these events is the WHY! 

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”                                                                               Simon Sinek

This is especially relevant to staff. Staff don’t work at their best because of what they do, they work at their best because of Why they do it! 

How do you show, and why is it important to show,  “WHY” you do what you do within the health industry?

(Firstly) In every factory, meeting room and office within the health industry, up on the wall, you will see a Patient First poster. Typically this will entail a ‘stock’ photo of an individual or group looking super healthy and happy. Like the poster, this attempt at “staff motivation” is flat and lacks any real impact other than ticking a HR box somewhere.

 Zero engagement with staff, zero effect in helping staff uncover and intrinsically absorb the ‘WHY’ the company does what it does.

From speaking in pharma and Medtech companies for over 15 years I see these posters all the time. To the people at work, they are invisible!

My role at the conference was to highlight the importance of keeping at the forefront of all aspects of the health industry WHY you do what you do. 

So what is the main role of the health indusrtry?

No, its not to maximize profit. No its not job creation and no its not corporation tax for the Government! These are all positive side-effects of doing well what needs to be done.

The main objective of the healthcare industry is creating, sustaining enhancing and improving the health of both individuals and society. 

In Ireland alone we have over 85 pharma companies (including nine of the top 10) with both direct and indirect employment of over 50,000 people. 

I was delighted therefore to be invited to speak at the Future Health Summit this year and ask the question, do your staff see themselves as “Heroes of Healthcare OR Cogs in the Machine?”

We can work together to foster an attitude where staff “produce with purpose” resulting in greater productivity, safety and wellbeing.

come to work from a place of obligation or a place of purpose

Do you love/like the work you do… change to Do you believe in the work you do.

The increased pressure and stress upon employees in the pharmaceutical sector since the covid epidemic began has been immense. This is especially challenging in an industry whose purpose is to ease the pain and suffering of others.

If you stop seeing patients as invisible people on a poster and start showcasing them as the end result of the the product lifecycle. show staff that the end result is healtier and happier people, improved quality of life, greater health span. Your staff will stop being average workers for the company and become highly motivated workers for the patient

darren cawley westport kidney failure survivor

darren cawley westport kidney failure survivor

The theme for 2022 is ‘Navigating the Next Horizon’. Ireland is facing similar challenges as health systems around the world grapple with access, capacity, quality, innovation & workforce issues. The Future Health Summit examines how these issues are being tackled with reference to learning’s from Irish thought leaders & other European & International health systems.

This internationally distinguished event is an Irish and International gathering of the brightest minds in the healthcare industry 

The Future Health Summit is the global gathering for healthcare leaders and decision makers existing to showcase Innovation and best practice in healthcare.


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Did you know...

I also run a private support group for people suffering kidney disease. Through this group you will have access to myself, and people with similar health issues. This group works as a supportive environment to promote tips, tactics and information to aid in improving your health and quality of life.