November 18

“Mumbo-Jumbo” techniques often work…! Affirmations


Techniques in Changing your mindset.

#1  Affirmations

"Every molecule, every cell, every tissue of my beautiful body constantly renews itself in perfect health."

Repeat 1000 times per week.

I came across affirmations years ago when I was endeavoring to change my mindset from a negative reactionary like attitude to a more positive proactive one.

Reclaiming my mind was the aspiration I was aiming for.

I was blaming everything and everyone, outside of myself, for my circumstances.

The goal was to put more positive thoughts in my head.

The chosen method being 'affirmations' in the form of the above and other positive statements about myself and who I aspired to be.

Before I began affirmations I saw myself as an unhappy, grumpy, self-centered 'sick' person, due to becoming a dialysis patient in my early 20's.

Affirmations repeated regularly became my "daily-dose" of positivity.

I found it a little confusing initially due obviously enough to the simple fact that if the above health affirmation was true I wouldn't be negative, as I'd have what I so badly desired- perfect health. This being the case, after sometime, some reflection and repeating my affirmations regularly I found myself feeling much better in mind and in body.

Although I still had serious health issues my thoughts on these issues had somehow changed radically.

I felt the burden of ill-health had greatly diminished.

Morale of the story...

Affirmations using a positive statement, spoken in the present tense and done regularly have lead to a better more positive outlook for me.

On the flip side there is little concrete scientific research to back this up. So what!

Its free, private and has zero negative side effects for your health.

Through my own adventures with adversity I never underestimate or belittle the power of so called "Mumbo-Jumbo" techniques. 

They have a peculiar habit of being exactly what the doctor (insert quack here as required) ordered.

Remember, what works works, just because you don't understand something does not mean it can be ineffectual. 


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