Health & Wellbeing

Reinventing yourself (ATTITUDE)

Module 3

The right attitude and mindset are critical in living healthily with kidney disease. It's not just developing an “attitude of gratitude.” It is about creating an attitude that is strong enough to remove the feelings of victimhood and moving in a direction that will serve both you and your future mental and physical health. This module looks at real-life ways to transform your thinking with tips and tactics showing you how.

Module Structure

Changing Your Personal Story

To change you personal story requires a change in your attitude. This lesson looks at how to change your attitude in a direction that best serves you.

Separation from your mental tramlines

Adversity, such as kidney disease, will change you. If you continue to think and act along the same lines as before your diagnoses, you will suffer greatly. This lesson helps you see the value of changing your thinking in a direction that serves you and your health.

Your Past does not equal your future

This lesson is about salvaging the positive characteristics and traits you already have, adding to them, and creating the best version of yourself as you move forward with kidney disease.