Health & Wellbeing

Facing the Challenge (ACCEPTANCE)

Module 2

The 3 sections of module 2 are all developed to help you get to a place of acceptance after a diagnosis with kidney disease. The challenges are laid out, and through understanding the realities of kidney disease, you'll be in a much better position to develop resilience and find personal growth on your journey.

Module Structure

Pain Points

This lesson examines the challenging reality of living with kidney disease.  The reality is that it will affect your whole life. Until you address all the issues, you cannot find acceptance and move past the pain of kidney disease.


This lesson looks at the importance of acceptance on the road to your recovery and why resilience is such a vital characteristic to develop in your life.

Finding growth in adversity

Facing the challenge of kidney disease with an open and positive mindset enables you to view your world differently. At the end of this lesson you will look at your situation as an opportunity for personal growth, once you get the all-important mindset right.