Health & Wellbeing

Developing Personal Skills (ACTION)

Module 4

This module looks at 3 different, yet important areas where you need to take action when living with kidney failure. Accepting your health issue and developing a positive attitude needs to be further compounded by taking positive action on the important issues. Following the tips and strategies here will empower you to be more skilled and physically capable to deal with the long-term reality of kidney disease.

Module Structure

Reading & Continuous Education

This lesson highlights the benefits of moving more of your reading away from pleasure, to purpose. The goal is not to read to escape your situations, but to read to figure out how to deal with it. The lesson also looks at the benefits of reading, especially in relation to anyone with a serious health issue.


A big part of your "Strategy for Health" is exercise. There is a lot of fear and misconceptions surrounding exercise, and this lesson examines both the importance of exercise and why it has the potential to greatly improve your overall health and wellbeing.


This lesson encourages you to begin to look ahead and grasp the reality of living with kidney disease. It then looks at the importance of shaping your thinking in relation to your career to what will best suit your future needs.