"Fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself."

Paulo Coelho

By Darren Cawley | Mindset

Nov 18

Mental torture V Reality

This saying has proved so very true for me (even having a camera with a claw/hook inserted to remove a stint… through my PENIS!).

Looking back through all the operations and procedures (the word 'procedure' is my least favourite word) that I've endured none of them have been so horribly painful to my body as they have been to my mind.

Certainly I've sweated and stressed over some procedures, as they were about to be carried out, but looking back they were usually painless and quite easy.

It was my mind which put me through so much anxiety.

Thiswas through thinking of all the things that "could" happen rather that the actual reality.

I have often watched in mental torture as a procedure was carried out on a patient in a bed next to me. He would hardly flinch. He seemed to know that what the doctor was doing was for his benefit and that through doing what had to be done he'd be the better for it.

A lesson that's taken me years to accept.

Put simply, you go into hospital or a doctor's office feeling crap. The aim is to leave feeling better. What goes on inbeteen entering and leaving is to be endured for the outcome - improved health.

Remember: What happens in a hospital/doctors office, be it painful or stressful, is for your own good. Man up!


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Darren is an inspirational speaker offering real life advice and guidance. He has a Degree in Sports and an MA in Health Promotion. Couple this with 1,800 hospital sessions and 2 transplants, due to Kidney disease, and you see his impact as a speaker and educator. Darren's skill is in improving the lives of those who suffer adversity and creating positive change within the healthcare industry.

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