November 18

Good Health Like Good Music Comes With Hard Work


Good Health Like Good Music Comes With Hard Work

"We do not create music; we only create the conditions so that she can appear."  

                                                                   Sergiu Celibidache

This quote troubles me. Counter-intuitive OR a spectacular way of thinking about music.

For me it feels like the truest thing ever said about music!

Could we look at health & well-being in a similar light?

I believe we do not create good health nor do we create bad health. What we do is create the conditions for either one or the other to exist.

Do you feel a truth in this?

We live in a world where non-communicable disease rules. These are diseases that are not transmissible directly from one person to another. There can be some genetic connections but more often they are associated with lifestyle . Well known examples include, heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, kidney disease.

The state of our health i.e. if we eat unhealthy food, drink alcohol, smoke or get no exercise are all contributory factors in becoming ill to these types of disease. 

Science knows this, we know this, I know this, therefore we have the power to create the conditions for our own health. 

This being said, why did I eat a pizza at 9pm, followed by a chocolate dessert? This is not conducive to good health.

I have a Masters in Health Promotion so I know this and yet I occasionally do just that. Why do I eat what can lead to ill health when organic fruit and vegetables are readily available? 

Maybe life IS different to music. I know I can eat healthily and live a long life but maybe a lesser life in terms of the pleasures I may have to forgo.

On the other hand I can eat very unhealthily, maybe live a shorter live but one filled with more moments of pleasure.

It is a struggle I deal with regularly. Long term health with more discipline. Or maybe a shorter life enjoying more of life's pleasures.

It's obvious that balance is the key.

The people who get it right are the ones with good health and a smile on their face.

Wherever on the 'health spectrum' you are you must accept that you created the conditions for the song being played within your body. 

Remember, how well you play will manifest for all to see; on the state of your health and the smile on your face.


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