"A Powerful Course Containing Real Life Advice When Facing Kidney Disease"

Sonia Treacy

From Victimhood to Resilience

My challenge with kidney disease has been a journey of over 20 years. Today, on the other side of two transplants and over 1,800 hospital visits I am happy and healthy. However, to get to here has been both a struggle and a challenge. Now, I simply want to share those lessons with you.

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Thanks Darren, so helpful, powerful and easy to relate to. 
A powerful course which helped me greatly.

Frank Burke (Dublin)

Simple, Helpful Real life advice

I pride myself on being both happy and healthy. However my story from a young Sports & Fitness Studies student to chronic end stage kidney disease has been one of difficulty and adversity. This eBook contains simple yet powerful hard-learned lessons I cultivated throughout the 20 years I have dealt with the issues surrounding kidney disease.

Start Your Journey Now!

My aim and the purpose of this course is to help you on your journey to sustained health and a good quality of life. Learn from my experiences and please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Buy today and my eBook "5 Ways I Tackled and Thrived Through Kidney Failure" for FREE

darren cawley ebook

Darren Cawley, the author

Hi, I'm Darren, I have been living with kidney failure for over 20 years and 11 of those years I spent on haemodialysis.

Dealing with kidney failure has provided me with some of my toughest times but also my greatest moments. 

Kidney failure affects more than just your physical body, it also greatly affects your mental, emotional and social wellbeing.

In this course, I bring together my background in education and my personal experience with kidney disease to gift to you a stronger attitude towards your health and wellbeing.

Following the lessons in this course will unveil a side of your character you never knew existed!

I am here to share with you the lessons which got me through. 

I hope these lessons will do the same for you.

Darren Cawley has a Degree in Sports & Fitness and a Masters in Health Promotion. Couple that with 2 transplants and over 1,800 hospital sessions, his real life experience will help anyone jump-start their journey to sustained health and a good quality of life when dealing with the challenges of kidney disease.

Have a Question?

If you or someone you love is dealing with challenges related to kidney disease and you have questions, please reach out. You can contact me via email, Facebook or Instagram and I will try my very best to offer insight, advice and support.

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