Health & Wellbeing

Separation from your mental tramlines

Lesson 6 Module 3

How we think is how we act. As the book “The Secret” says, “where our thoughts go, our energies flow.” That is a very positive message IF our thoughts are positive and IF we are looking to the future with a sense of purpose. With a health issue like kidney disease, looking to the future with confidence can be a hard, daunting task.

Firstly, don’t blame yourself for getting kidney disease. It's not your “fault”. Nobody wants to get a chronic illness. Understandably you feel like a victim of chance. However in the world we live in, EVERYONE goes through adversity, ill health and difficulties in life. Everyone!

I love to read biographies and I've found that every book about a famous, successful or wealthy person is not the story of success, but the story of overcoming remarkable odds and adversity to be called successful, eventually.

What we need to learn is to accept and deal with the bad times thus letting you enjoy and cherish the good times. So don't blame kidney disease or life for being unfair, because you won't get much of an answer when you cry out. That is what victims do. They blame, criticise and belittle the whole world because their life is not going how they would hope it to.

Why do people do this? 

People act in this way due to living with the same mindset they had before life put the challenge of ill-health in front of them. Because when you face such a challenge it changes you. It can change you for better or for worse depending how you view it. If you continue to think as you did before your health issue, then you will suffer.

A good example with kidney disease is the renal diet. If you love eating certain foods maybe, like me, you like chocolate or cheese, and you continue to eat them, what will happen? Certainly you will experience short-term happiness while you savor your food but then your health will suffer soon after, and so will you.

Your thinking has to change in a new direction: A direction that serves you and your health. This takes time and effort. Changing your attitude can mean changing how you see yourself and how the world sees you. Change does not have to be a bad thing, though. I am speaking of change in relation to helping you grow, through your adversity, to become a better version of yourself, not a different version, a better version.

A lot of people rely on hope. A hope that everything will work out. Hope that life will miraculously get better. (I’m here to tell you) Hope is not a strategy. You need to focus and work on the areas you CAN influence. 

What areas of your life can you look at that you need to change due to kidney disease? Certainly, diet and medication have become an essential tool in your health strategy. But what about your thinking? Are you thinking in the same way as before, along mental tramlines that no longer serve you? Or are you accepting your new reality and creating a bright future that encompasses the challenges and difficulties of kidney disease?

The good thing is, you get to decide. I’m trying to “tool you up” mentally, so that when you begin to move towards acceptance, this attitude will make things easier.