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1.3. How Does This Course Work?

Lesson 3 Module 1

The aim of the course is to lead to a transformation in your thinking on how to deal with and live well with kidney disease.

With that in mind, the course is framed in 3 sections;


Next, we look at attitude and why you need to change your personal story to take into account the realities of living and thriving with kidney disease. Essentially I am asking you to strive to create a better version of yourself which encompasses "living" with kidney disease, and not "suffering" with kidney disease.

Finally, we look at 3 areas where you will put your positive attitude into practice. This involves taking action in areas that can move you towards a future of healthy outcomes and a better quality of life.

This follows my own learning and experiences in relation to overcoming adversity and is designed first and foremost with you as a fellow-patient of kidney disease in mind.

A few final things to consider, maintaining or returning to good health involves more than medical matters. We are more than our bodies. We are our minds, our hearts, we are our family, our community. If we are to recover, and live healthily with kidney disease, we need to take steps in aiding our own recovery. To take responsibility. Most people say the words “I suffer from kidney disease” and that is the language of a victim.

You are not taking this course with me to suffer and merely survive kidney disease. As your guide, I am here to empower and enable you to live an active, productive and worthwhile life. We will work through this together and your transformation from victim-hood to resilience will be something you will look to with pride.

For this course, I've developed a framework or a “Strategy for Health”. This comprises many of the issues and challenges that arise when you are diagnosed and live with kidney disease. The course starts with the realities of kidney disease, the "pain-points", as they are often called. It is important to have a thorough understanding of the realities of kidney disease before we can accept it, and move forward with purpose.
Darren Cawley in his home town of Westport in Co. Mayo

Darren Cawley in his home town of Westport in Co. Mayo


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As your guide, my goal is to empower and enable you to live an active, productive and worthwhile life. 

I hope to see you on the other side.

Darren Cawley

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