Health & Wellbeing

Future Outlook

Lesson 11 Module 5

(Blood donation story… Courage looking to the future)

Someone once said to me, after hearing me speak; remember, it's not your story that matters but the lessons you take from your story; share the lessons. It was such a profound thing to say and something I want you to think about. Your story is the past; you cannot go back and change your story, the lessons however, you can take with you in developing a stronger more positive mindset. These lessons will be of value moving through your illness and indeed moving through life.

The whole idea behind this course is in using the lessons pulled from my experiences to help make your story easier.

“Our responsibility is not simply shielding those we care for from adversity but preparing them to meet it well.”  Aimee Mullins

I feel the responsibility to care for you because I have gone through kidney disease and will live with it for the rest of my life. I believe we should not have to suffer the same experience twice. In other words, we should not waste experiences, especially the difficult, negative ones. That is why I created this course, to highlight the realities and help you get through them easier, with as little suffering as possible. To see light at the end of the tunnel.

That's what this course is about. Preparing you to meet kidney disease well.

It is about moving you from being a victim of an illness, to being a strong resilient person, capable of overcoming adversity. Not shielding you from the adversity ahead, but preparing you to meet the challenges with confidence and a strong mindset . 

Everyone has their own story and using the techniques here will greatly enhance your resilience and ability to deal with your kidney disease journey. Acceptance of your situation, having the right attitude towards your illness, and finally, taking action to enable you to develop the personal skills needed to fight on. This is a structure that will work for you now and into the future.