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How to Better Live with Kidney Disease

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About this course

All people living with kidney disease will tell you life becomes a physical, mental and emotional rollercoaster. This course equips you with strategies and techniques that will guide you throughout the many challenges of the journey. It also explains why we begin as victims, and that, through a process of acceptance and personal growth, we can achieve both good health and a better quality of life. Darren advocates not shielding you from adversity but providing the right tools to meet the challenges that lay ahead.

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Course Structure

3 Lessons

Module 1. Course Introduction

The aim of this course is to transform your thinking on how to deal with, and live successfully with kidney disease.

To start, we look at why those diagnosed with kidney disease feel like victims and how developing strategies to overcome these feelings lead to better health outcomes and a better quality of life.

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1.1. Who is this course for?

The course is structured in a way that helps you move through the developed strategies easily and in a way that makes sense.

1.2. Who am I?

A little about me and why I am giving you this course.

1.3. How Does This Course Work?

How Does This Course Work?

3 Lessons

Module 2. Facing the Challenge (ACCEPTANCE)

The 3 sections of module 2 are all developed to help you get to a place of acceptance after a diagnosis with kidney disease. The challenges are laid out, and through understanding the realities of kidney disease, you'll be in a much better position to develop resilience and find personal growth on your journey.

2.1. Pain Points

This lesson examines the challenging reality of living with kidney disease.  The reality is that it will affect your whole life. Until you address all the issues, you cannot find acceptance and move past the pain of kidney disease.

2.2. Resilience

This lesson looks at the importance of acceptance on the road to your recovery and why resilience is such a vital characteristic to develop in your life.

2.3. Finding growth in adversity

Facing the challenge of kidney disease with an open and positive mindset enables you to view your world differently. At the end of this lesson you will look at your situation as an opportunity for personal growth, once you get the all-important mindset right.

3 Lessons

Module 3. Reinventing yourself (ATTITUDE)

The right attitude and mindset are critical to living healthily with kidney disease. It's not just developing an “attitude of gratitude.” It is about creating an attitude that is strong enough to remove the feelings of victimhood, and moving in a direction that will serve both you and your future mental and physical health. This module looks at real-life ways to transform your thinking with tips and tactics showing you how.

3.1. Changing Your Personal Story

To change your personal story requires a change in your attitude. This lesson looks at how to change your attitude in a direction that best serves you.

3.2. Separation from your mental tramlines

Adversity, such as kidney disease, will change you. If you continue to think and act along the same lines as before your diagnoses, you will suffer greatly. This lesson helps you see the value of changing your thinking in a direction that serves you and your health.

3.3. Your Past does not equal your future

This lesson is about salvaging the positive characteristics and traits you already have, adding to them, and creating the best version of yourself as you move forward with kidney disease.

3 Lessons

Module 4. Developing Personal Skills (ACTION)

This module looks at 3 different, yet important, areas where you need to take action when living with kidney failure. Accepting your health issue and developing a positive attitude needs to be further compounded by taking positive action on the important issues discussed. Following the tips and strategies here will empower you to be more skilled and physically capable to deal with the long-term reality of kidney disease.

4.1. Reading & Continuous Education

This lesson highlights the benefits of moving more of your reading away from pleasure, to purpose. The goal is not to read to escape your situations, but to read to figure out how to deal with it. The lesson also looks at the benefits of reading, especially in relation to anyone with a serious health issue.

4.2. Exercise

A big part of your "Strategy for Health" is exercise. There is a lot of fear and misconceptions surrounding exercise, and this lesson examines both the importance of exercise and why it has the potential to greatly improve your overall health and wellbeing.

4.3. Work

This lesson encourages you to begin to look ahead and grasp the reality of living with kidney disease. It then looks at the importance of shaping your thinking in relation to your career to what will best suit your future needs.

1 Lesson

Module 5. Conclusion

Here we look at final thoughts in relation to the course and the journey from victim-hood to resilience. Examining how being prepared to meet the reality of kidney failure, with the right attitude and mindset, will give you a determination to look to the future with renewed confidence. Not shielding from adversity, but having the right tools to meet the challenges that lay ahead.