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About me

Darren (38), was born in the West of Ireland. While studying for a degree in Sports & Fitness in the University of Bedfordshire he was diagnosed with Kidney Failure. This led to over 1,700 hospital visits and 2 kidney transplants. The obvious adversity would sink many a soul, but Darren used his experiences to forge and foster the inspirational and positive person he is today. Darren is happily married to Aoife and currently lives near Westport, Ireland.

Experiences, Achievements & Awards

Voted the Highest Rated Guest Speaker at the 2014 & 2015 EDTNA/ERCA 3 day Conference in Riga, Latvia and Dresden, Germany.

Inaugural winner of the national Santa Rita 120 Local Hero Award 2010. This was for promoting Donor Awareness in schools. The prize of €10,000 was donated to the 'Irish Kidney Association' to help dialysis patients compete in the European Transplant/Dialysis Games held in Dublin, for the first time, in 2010.

The "Mayo Person of the Year 2005" awarded by Connaught Telegraph, Rehab, Mayo County Council.

Speaker at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (2010) and Brussels (2012) to Policy Directors, MEP's, journalists from around Europe, and major pharmaceutical company representatives.

Talks at major medical conferences in Dresden, Birmingham, Munich, Prague, Riga, and at the EDTNA/ERC European Conference at the National Conference Centre in Dublin 2011.

Junior Chamber International (Ireland) Outstanding Young Person of the Year 2012.

Speaker on the London Speakers Bureau website.  Keynote address for the Cavan County Enterprise Boards annual Student Enterprise Awards in February 2012.

Spoke alongside former Irish athlete Eamon Coughlan at the launch of the first European Transplant & Dialysis Games to be held in Dublin 2010.

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Regular speaker for the Punchestown Kidney Research Fund (www.PKRF.ie).

Speaker at the Irish Lets Work West EXPO 2011.

Twice received the Western People Newspapers "Sports Star of the Year Awards" for successes at the World and European Transplant & Dialysis Games.

Mayo News article MIND OVER MATTER July 2007

Featured in TV Documentaries Including TV3's "The Gift of Life", and a documentary based around peoples thoughts and experiences on a trip to Lourdes called "Faith Hope & Plastic." Featured on Irish TV current affairs programmes.

Featured in numerous pharmaceutical company's DVDs across Europe for in house promotional & motivational purposes.

Radio interviews on RTE 1, 2fm, Newstalk and numerous local radio stations.

Guest Speaker for Health & Pharmaceutical Organisations

darren cawley westport

Darren has one goal as a speaker. He seeks to inspire and motivate staff within the pharmaceutical industry. He aims to help staff to realise that through developing, designing and producing products and solutions that specifically improve the quality of people's lives, their jobs are truly meaningful. Darren's inspirational talks intrinsically motivate staff to work at their best for the best in their patients. Darren believes this is the best motivator for doing an efficient, effective and productive job every day. The end result is staff who respond with high levels of engagement and commitment.

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It is this "bigger picture" attitude that Darren promotes which needs to become inherent in staff behaviour. Not merely working for a pay check or to impress the boss but the wider goal of knowing the work you do directly effects the quality of peoples life.

Darren's relaxed and entertaining approach makes clear to staff the realities of living with a long term illness and the importance of appreciating your health. With over 1,700 hospital visits himself, coupled with a Degree in Health & Fitness and a Masters Degree in Health Promotion, he is ideally suited to motivate your staff from the routine of their daily duties.

Darren has spoken at the EU Parliament, Medical Conferences and in-house to many big Pharmaceutical companies inspiring, educating and entertaining through his story of overcoming adversity and the lessons he has garnered through this experiences.