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Darren Cawley is an inspirational speaker that provides those suffering health issues with real life advice and guidance. Darren has had 1,800 hospital sessions and 2 transplants, due to Kidney disease. Couple this with a Degree in Sport & Fitness and a Masters in Health Promotion and you see why he is sought after in dealing with the core issues pertaining to Health.

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"Darren is a very positive and inspiring man. Despite his health background he reminds us all why we should be motivated at work every day. He stresses how important it is to have the right attitude and not think "I work in the Marketing Department  or in production" but "I help people who suffer from kidney disease and save lives."

Mr. Markus Strotmann

Deputy Member and Head, Avitum Division, B. Braun

"Despite his medical history, Darren remains a very positive person and reminds everyone of why they should face every working day with positivity and motivation. He stresses how important it is to come to work with the right attitude  and not think, “I work in marketing or production or...”, but instead “I am helping people suffering from kidney disease and saving lives."

Simone Klein

Vice-President Sales & Marketing Services, B Braun

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Irish Motivational Speaker